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Maryland Property Management Specialists

Property Management

We specialize in full-service residential property and apartment building management in the greater Baltimore/Annapolis area. We oversee all aspects of your rental property, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your investment is being well cared for.

Only interested in partial management, such as tenant placement-only or maintenance-only services? We can provide that as well.

We Provide the Following Services


Proper advertising is vital for getting you the best tenant for your property in the shortest amount of time. We have a variety of options at our disposal, including numerous Internet sites, the real estate Multi-List (or MLS), print ads, and yard signs. Our ads include a generous description of your property as well as lots of pictures to promote it.

Tenant Placement

The most important part of the rental process is the selection of the tenant, which is why we take such care in tenant placement. Our thorough screening process includes a credit check, a criminal background check, employment and income verification, as well as rental history verification. And, of course, you have the final say as to who is approved.

Lease Creation and Renewal

Once we have selected a tenant, we will create a lease for your property. We ensure that our leases comply with all Maryland laws and regulations. You will always have the opportunity to review and approve the lease for your property. If you already have a lease you prefer, we can use that, and we will ensure that it conforms to all state laws. We also handle the renewal of your lease by contacting your tenant 90 days before the lease is set to expire.

Security Deposits

We collect your tenant’s security deposit and create a separate escrowed account for each tenant, in accordance with Maryland State law.

Rent Collection and Owner Payments

We collect your rent and disburse your payment by the 8th of the month. You can receive your payment electronically or through the mail, per your preference. We also handle collection of any late fees, utility fees, etc., as needed.

Owner Statements

Each month we provide you with an easy-to-read statement that gives you a birds-eye view of the fiscal condition of your property. Additionally, this information is available for your review online any time you wish to access it through your Owner Account. We also provide a year-end statement that makes tax time a breeze.


Maintenance is another important part of protecting your investment, and we will take care of all maintenance for your property. Thanks to our strong working relationships with reputable contractors as well as in-house staff, we make sure any maintenance concerns are addressed quickly and at a reasonable price.

180-Day Inspections

We do an interior and exterior inspection of your property every 180 days to make sure your property is being properly maintained and your tenants are complying with all parameters of the lease. This also ensures that there are no surprises when it is time to turn a property over to a new tenant.


Thanks to our thorough tenant screening, we rarely have to evict. But in those rare cases, we handle the entire process and the only costs to you are related to court costs, which are generally under $100.

Schedule of Property Management Fees

Home Advantage Property Management only charges two fees.

Management Fee

We charge 8% of collected rent as a management fee. That covers all of our services including collecting rents, managing maintenance and repairs, property inspections, securing rental licenses, securing parking passes and pool passes, and any other day-to-day task that needs to be done.

Tenant Placement Fee

We charge 85% of a full month’s rent to advertise the property, screen prospective tenants, show the property, create the lease, and coordinate the tenant’s move in.

We don't charge for vacant properties and we don't charge a premium on maintenance. You only pay for the needed repair, not for us to oversee the work.



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